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To get the most of the advanced load-bearing ability of your AttackPAK, a properly sized belt and frame is essential. Getting the right fit ensures that all your pack components work together to relieve stress on the core, shoulders and back by transferring the weight of the load to the hips and legs.




Measuring for AttackPAK frame size

  Step 1. Take a measurement from your C7 to the floor

C7 is the bony part of your spine at the back of your neck, just above your shoulders. Stand straight and drop the tape down your back to the floor

  Step 2. Take a measurement from your waist/hips to the floor

Place your hands on your hipbones with your thumbs pointing back toward your spine and your fingers wrapping forward. Hold your hands out parallel to the floor and drop the tape from your hands to the floor


Using the measurements you took above, in inches, put the numbers into this formula:

(Step 1) – (Step 2) + (2”) = your Optimal Frame Size (OFS)


    Measuring for AttackPAK waist belt size

    Measure your waist at the top of your hip bone. You can use paracord, then stretch it out to measure the length with a ruler or tape measure.

    30"- 32" around your waist at a comfortable resting place = MEDIUM

    32"- 36" around your waist at a comfortable resting place = LARGE

    36"- 40" around your waist at a comfortable resting place = Extra Large

    40"- 46" around your waist at a comfortable resting place = XXL Large

    If your measurement falls outside the 30"-44" range, please contact us to place a custom order.


    Gearing up with your AttackPAK 

    Insert the frame in the frame sleeve on the back of the pack. Make sure it is pushed up to the top webbing

    • Put on the waist belt. The top of the belt should rest above your hip-bone or iliac crest

    • Adjust the belt straps to a comfortable tension – the padded ends should not touch

    • Put on the pack. Insert the frame into the belt, pull the shoulder straps to a snug fit


     Check the frames size

    • Put on your pack, frame disconnected from the belt. The frame is too long if the bottom edge of the frame is lower than the bottom of your waist belt by more than 2”

    • The frame is too short if the bottom edge of the frame is higher than the bottom of your waist belt 

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