• Out Maneuver, Outlast

    Unburdened Innovation
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Your kit is outdated

Are you attached to yesterday's good idea, or are you ready for improvements?

Build your kit Today

“We focus on improved ergonomics and eliminating redundant parasitic weight, to reduce burden and improve performance on the battlefield.”

Integrated Load Carriage System (ILCS)™

performance enhancement

How does it work

"what kind of witchcraft is this!"

...as soon as the ExoSpine slid into the pocket on my belt the weight magical dissappeared!

Dan Steel

I've worn your pack 250+ days a year, every year...I still haul sheds, pack out moose, and guide EVERYDAY with AttackPAK.

It's been to 5 continents.

Bryan Codi- Guide

Give the gift of protection

Our warriors need better kit to bring them home safe.