MPC Breacher (Multi Purpose Carrier)

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As our lightest platform, the Breacher Kit was designed around a fast entry mindset. Strap down any tools, medical supplies, or heavy weapons platform you desire. It's a unique kit that was a favorite piece of kit in Afghanistan.

  • This kit includes:

    • Hook and loop opening in the bottom to stash tools for easy access
    • 9 rows of PALS, 6 columns wide, plus side loops
    • Passthrough attachment on all 3 vertical webbing strips (like PALS only vertical)
    • Ring and hook attachment points for modularity
    • Adjustable height shoulder straps
    • Antimicrobial mesh back panel with ventilation channel
    • AttackPAK comfort belt and frame
    • Weight: 3.3 lbs.
    • Volume: 200 cubic inches + whatever you strap to it
    • Material: 500d Cordura
    • Load shelf
    • Go-bag Lid
    • Load lifters
    • Chest rig counterbalance
    • Cargo bag
    • Twin cargo bag
    • Any of our packs
    • Additional compression straps
    • Add your pouches

The Ultimate in Customized Carry System

The MPC is an astonishingly lightweight, universal load carriage system. This thing will haul anything a single man can carry. Oversized pelican cases, irregularly shaped communications equipment, or even a harvested elk. Carry heavy loads close to your center of gravity to reduce fatigue, especially when crossing difficult terrain.

This modular system is compatible with any of our other products or your own favorite back panels and MAP packs. With 9 rows of PALS in 6 columns plus side loops the MPC is engineered to accommodate your specific needs. The MPC slips snugly over our patented frame shifting the weight of your load to your hips. As with all our packs, the MPC separates from any AttackPak belt in a flash for easy access or unrestricted mobility.