zCopy of Integrated Load Carriage System

Lessons Learned: 

Soldiers need body armor or plate carriers that more comfortably carry a heavy ruck.

This statement is not a surprise given the photo above. What do you see in this photo?

- These guys are not using a waist belt with their packs

- They are probably in pain from the kit weight on their shoulders and spine

- A few of the guys have their fingers splayed out looking like they have numb hands from the shoulder straps cutting into their arms

- One of the guys is kneeling to shift the load and relieve his numb hands




The AttackPAK customization capability is not found on any other pack. They are built with modular, multifunction parts. One look and the guys say that the AttackPAK is very well thought out. 

1. The waist belt is the foundation for the kit and weight you will carry

2. Choose the right size pack to hold your gear.

3. Custom Fit your pack by ordering your size belt and frame.

...Now you have a custom pack, for any mission.