Faster on target. You win!

Quality Construction

Failure is not an option

The AttackPAK is built with unsurpassed quality. Both materials and workmanship have been tried and proven reliable.

Sewing construction methods have been validated through competitive analysis and field testing. Where a seam may be at risk, redundant stitching is added. Contingency systems are built in.

We only use the finest materials available. Reliable brands such as Cordura, Duraflex, ITW, YKK, and others are used throughout the AttackPAK products.

Reliability is an investment

It costs slightly more to build a better product, but we feel the initial investment is worth the stretch. The user will buy several inferior products before they destroy an AttackPAK; in the end, the cost is similar. 

"The bitter taste of poor quality will last far longer than the sweetness of low price."

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