Pack Builder: Customize your kit

Buy one frame and belt to make all of our packs custom fitted to you. Build your quiver of packs and spend less money.

Building your perfect pack can be simple. We've put together some winning kit combinations that users have been raving about. Feedback that we have received over the last 9 years gets incorporated into new versions.

You can also build a customized pack from belt, frame and pack combinations. If you want advice, we are here to answer your questions and provide insight like you would get from brick and mortar.

All of our products were designed based on user requests. If you need a custom pack to carry specific kit for your unit, we welcome your request for a bespoke pack.

Select a pack kit

Pick the right capacity pack 

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Build a customized pack with modular belt, ExoSpine and pack

How heavy is your loaded pack? For a heavier pack you want a wider belt that distributes the weight over a bigger surface area. You would also want an ExoSpine II to carry more weight.

How far are you going? The further you go the more you want a wide belt with more surface area to disperse the weight.

How much kit are you carrying? Select the pack size based on the gear you will put in the pack. Even our largest packs can be cinched down for day use, and you can add modular capacity to our smallest packs with bison bags.

Measure your size

Pick the components to match