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Out Here – There’s No Second Chance

The Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) is an organization of teams dedicated to saving lives through rescue and mountain safety education. Since its earliest days in the late 1950’s scores of local mountain search and rescue groups have formed. Consistent among them all is there is never a charge for search and rescue services.

The volunteers of mountain search and rescue teams are highly trained to find missing persons, give them aid, if needed, and bring them to safety. It’s not difficult to imagine the hairy situations and inclement weather mountain rescue volunteers find themselves.


Packs Designed For The Real World

The AttackPAK concept evolved from the high country experiences of Alex Klein – a mountain rescue volunteer and ski patroller. There’s nothing like wind and prop wash while winching down from a helicopter to make you aware of load balance. Slogging 3,000 feet above timberline on climbing skins brings pack weight top of mind - pronto. In conditions like these using packs designed in sample rooms doesn’t cut it. That’s exactly where Klein found himself.

And so the modifications began. Klein started cutting off unnecessary straps, adding larger zipper pulls, sewing attachable component bags. Klein’s modified packs seemed to work better under harsh conditions. Fellow rescuers and patrollers began to take notice. Soon they wanted Klein to modify their packs too.


Tested by Real Use

With each modified pack Klein sent another product tester into action. Mountain rescuers and ski patrollers are a hearty group. They are also not afraid to share their opinions, good or bad, on the products they use. But that’s understandable as their lives depend on the training received and the equipment used – and not always in that order. In the high-altitude environments Klein’s packs were tested in ways not replicable in the laboratory.

Fast-forward several years to Denver Colorado. Klein years of pack tinkering have made him passionate about building a better pack. Using the feedback, data points and component evaluations collected over several years, Klein founded AttackPAK.

Originally conceived for the tactical market, AttackPAK has been winning fans among backcountry skiers, hunters, campers and first responders. And it’s all because AttackPAK’s innovative load bearing design carries heavy loads efficiently and comfortably.

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