Faster on target. You win!

Modular Backpacks Adapt to Every Mission

The Mission Drives the Gear Train. 

AttackPAK's scalable modular parts adapt to your needs. Wether you are a Tier 1 operator, a grunt, a hunter or a weekend warrior, AttackPAK has pack kits or modular parts to comfortably carry your gear.

1. Choose a belt for the weight you will carry

2. Choose a pack to hold your gear.

3. Fit the pack to your body by ordering your size belt and frame.


AttackPAKs are Affordable

We understand that buying packs can strain the budget. But, why settle for inferior products based on price? We made The AttackPAK modular and multifunction so that everyone can afford the best pack available. Buy a complete kit or build a kit buying parts over time. Start with a belt or pack, then add the other parts when you can.