Faster on target. You win!

Integrated Load Carriage System

Designed By Experience For Better Fit, Greater Comfort and Absolute Reliability

Simplicity rules on the battlefield and in the back country. In battle, the fog of war takes over. You don't need to be distracted by the pain of your kit or any entanglements. Your kit needs to enhance your performance and give you the tactical advantage. 

The AttackPAK was engineered with these hard rules as criteria for development. The AttackPAK belt and frame take the load off your core muscles so you conserve energy. Your lumbar spine is supported by the belt to give you more strength and reduce strain. You gain endurance.

Carrying heavy weight on your shoulders and spine has consequences. While waits belts have been around for years in mountaineering, they have limited use in military loads due to safety and equipment compatibility concerns. The AttackPAK breakthrough design is the independent belt and frame. The frame plugs into the belt to transfer the load. Release the shoulder strap clips, ditch the weight and gain instant mobility. You retain your belt with vital equipment such as your secondary weapon, IFAK and spare magazines. Instant safety.

Easy day. If you're a weekend warrior, quick ditch may not be important. The pack and belt can be secured together like every other pack on the market. Simply separate the belt when you remove your pack. Take your belt with your primary gear to bag the peak or stalk your game.

The ergonomic and biomechanic advantages of the AttackPAK system allow you to Carry more, Go further, with Less stress.

Tough Packs for TOUGH People.