Designed By Experience For Better Fit, Greater Comfort and Absolute Reliability

Lessons Learned: Soldiers need Body armor or plate carriers that more comfortably facilitate a heavy rucksack

Applied Ergonomics and Biomechanics to Integrate Load Carriage

The AttackPAK patented Integrated Load Carriage System (ILCS) unifies packs and body armor into one system. The AttackPAK design transfers the weight of the operator’s equipment off the shoulders and back and onto the hips and legs. This reduces stress, fatigue and pain. Carrying heavy loads for long hours can interfere with an operator’s performance. With AttackPAK, response to engagement is quick and efficient.

For safety, AttackPAK is easy to ditch and don. Additionally, the design can be worn while separated to eliminate helmet interference when in the prone position.



Simple and Lightweight

AttackPAK’s Tactical line features:

  • Optimum weight distribution

  • Independent battle belt and frame for unrestricted movement

  • Modular packs – appropriate for every mission

- Body armor compatible

- Quick ditch and don


    Battle Tested: "Far superior to Flack design for carrying load."

    "Allowed distribution of weight from Flack to belt, making for a more comfortable experience for back and shoulders. Allowed for easy transition to prone, and a much better shooting position. Great placement for ease of access to magazines. Nothing gets caught in your sling."



    Scalable Modular System

    Modular parts fully integrate fighting, approach, and sustainment equipment into one unified system. The AttackPAK Tactical performs as unified equipment rather than layered, individual components. AttackPAK Tactical is secure, accessible and ready – always. The AttackPAK Tactical design, construction and quality ensure reliability in the most demanding conditions – where failure is simply not an option.



    Soldiers, mountaineers, hunters, rescue workers, wild land firefighters, etc will all benefit from using the AttackPAK System. 


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