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Packs Improved and Proved

AttackPAK takes every detail of building packs very seriously. That’s because we’ve been designing and building packs for over 30 years. Our interest in building a better pack arose while repairing packs for several national retailers. Here we saw failures in design, materials and construction. It was clear there was a better way to  build a pack that was tough enough to stand up to the most rigorous use on the planet. We used this opportunity to challenge conventionality and rethink how to build a better pack to carry heavy loads while reducing fatigue and increasing comfort.


Over years of service in Mountain Rescue and the Ski Patrol we put our product to the test. Here in extreme conditions where one’s life is often on the line and gear failure is disastrous, not merely an inconvenience, - the AttackPAK design was born. In the field we refined, tested and perfected a proprietary design so unique it’s patented.


If you want your pack to be as reliable as your favorite firearm – consider AttackPAK. Our packs are gear you can count on.